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Singapore Cloud Region

H100 GPU clusters have arrived in Singapore. Up to 70% more cost effective and with half the carbon footprint of other clouds. Build AI applications securely, reliably and sustainably over geographically diverse local AZs.


Large-scale H100 & L40S clusters with up to 50% less CO₂ —
Available now in Singapore

SMC's Singapore Region delivers flexible, cost-effective AI tools - thanks to the country's most energy efficient GPU cloud.

Singapore Region hosts two geographically diverse Availability Zones (AZs) for high-availability options, connected across the island through SMC's multi-terabit Secure Access Network.

Available instance types include H100 & L40S clusters, with zero-compromise performance that scale to over 2,000 GPUs per cluster

Tech specs

A hyperscale cluster of SMC GPU infrastructure, that can be rented in small units, or as a whole cluster; for enterprise, government and CSPs.

A hyperscale cluster of SMC GPU infrastructure, that can be rented in small units, or as a whole cluster; for enterprise, government and CSPs. Use SMC as bare metal, or deploy tools from partners like NVIDIA to get started with your AI project today.

Instance: H100
Network Fabric: Built for performance
Cluster Scale

NVIDIA certified H100 HGX instances with NVSwitch are networked into powerful clusters for large-scale AI development in Singapore.

Delivered via managed metal or with an AI development stack delivered through NVIDIA AI Enterprise - with a full suite of AI tools, frameworks and pre-trained models.


H100 x 8 80GB SXM


NVSwitch 900Gbps


ConnectX-7 Bluefield 3 DPU


Intel Xeon Platinum 8462Y+ 128 vCPU


2,048GB DDR5 4800MT/s RDIMMs



Built to power Singapore's next-gen AI

Our SIN01 & SIN02 AZs offer the tools and capacity to fuel future AI projects of all scales.

NVIDIA frameworks

Building for AI takes a quality platform, and quality tools. As an NVIDIA CSP Partner, SMC instances can be delivered with NVIDIA AI Enterprise platform included, featuring 100+ frameworks, pre-trained tools and enterprise support and security directly from NVIDIA.

Complex AI Workloads

All SMC clusters feature cutting edge NVIDIA GPUs and network fabrics, benchmarked to perform on some of the world's largest and most complex AI workloads. Perfect for rapidly testing, training and refining AI models across all industries.

Bare Metal scale

For very-large enterprise, government and CSPs, use the raw power of SMC's bare metal configuration. Take control of the entire cluster to secure rare access to the region's most available, sustainable and cost effective GPU cluster - entirely for you.

Advanced Liquid Cooling

Powered by genuinely sustainable infrastructure

Years of R&D have led to some of the most sustainable cloud technology in the world, emitting up to 48% less carbon than other cloud providers, whilst hosting more powerful workloads to democratize access to AI computing power.

Lower TCO

The sustainability discount. Energy efficient technology lowers TCO by over 70% versus general public clouds in Singapore.

Both Singapore AZs feature SMC's hyper-efficient hosting technology — HyperCube. Even in hot and humid Singapore, SMC's H100 clusters run within a 1.02 PUE environment, using materially less energy than legacy clouds hosted locally.

Passing this saving onto you makes SMC's H100 over 70% more cost effective versus other general clouds in Singapore.

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