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Built unlike any other cloud. Ever.

A global network of Sustainable AI Factories brings large scale, cost effective and low CO₂ AI infrastructure to users around the world.

  • >40%
    less direct energy consumed
  • >40%
    less direct CO₂ emissions
  • 70%
    Better TCO through genuine efficiency
  • 100%
    Maximum performance. Benchmarked & validated

Powered by the world's first Sustainable AI Factories.

Yes, real Sustainable AI Factories. Zero greenwashing. A decade of development has perfected GPU hosting technology for NVIDIA GPU clusters that cuts energy use for all AI workloads by up to half.

SMC availability zones are unlike anything else that exists today. The world's most energy efficient data centre technology delivers the benefit of sustainability to everyone: less CO2, better TCO, greater availability and zero-compromise performance.

Hosted within Tier III and independently certified global data centres, SMC is built unlike any other cloud. Ever.

An entirely sustainable AI infrastructure stack

The perfect process flow sheet to turn electrons into AI calculations in the most efficient way possible. Made available globally at scale.

  • GPU infrastructure

    AI training & inferencing instances, including full-rail H100 SXM nodes, connected via RDMA InfiniBand. Running within the HyperCube, SMC H100 instances are the most energy-efficient in the world. Up to 3kW of internal fans are not required, with further savings provided by DC power direct to the node.

    Up to 36% of energy is saved at the node level

  • Sustainable AI Factories

    HyperCube Sustainable AI Factories that increase density by >4x over legacy hosting infrastructure, and run at a sub 1.03 PUE. A complete GPU hosting platform, running NVIDIA's cutting-edge SXM platform, delivered with enterprise-grade SLAs.

    A further 21% of energy is saved at the AI factory level.

  • Global availability

    HyperCubes installed within a worldwide fleet of DCs provide security, connectivity and availability of SMC instances. Each DC with HyperCube sustainable AI factories provides the power, connectivity and waste condenser water required to deliver 24/7/365 GPU uptime.

Efficient GPU Clusters
Sustainable AI Factories
Globally Available

Zero-compromise, NVIDIA certified training & inference clusters.

SMC uses NVIDIA certified HGX compute from global Tier 1 OEMs, optimized for maximum efficiency through dedicated engineering teams.

Thanks to the engineering of HyperCube, SMC servers, like the H100 SXM instance, require substantially less individual power to operate, and cut e-waste in the process.

  • 28% energy saving (3.5kW) from removal of fans
  • 3% efficiency gain from 54v DC power direct to servers
  • 35% (40kg) of e-waste (fans, cables, PSUs) saved per server
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Meet HyperCube

A purpose built, Sustainable AI Factory. The power behind SMC is engineered end-to-end to consume less energy, with zero compromise performance.

Sustainability, backed by facts.

Our technology-first approach to carbon reduction considers all power inputs, from the PUE of the data centre to the efficiency of the server itself. Reporting on PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is today easily gamed by the major clouds, as it fails to take into account power use in the server. SMC's platform saves energy both inside and outside the server. We report on total efficiency - down to the chip - to give a full picture of energy consumption.

  • Node level

    H100 SXM-8 Instance.

    Total power draw. Max Load.

  • ×
  • Data Centre Level

    End-to-End PUE

  • =
  • Total Power Consumption

Cutting CO₂

Beware of greenwashers. This is technology-driven efficiency that delivers a nearly 50% carbon saving, with the data to prove it.

per H100 per year
Case study


At our launch AZ in Singapore, on average we’re experiencing a 47.5% reduction in energy consumption for H100 HGX-based workloads, versus a benchmark for running the exact same system in the legacy way (air cooled, in a typical Singapore-based data centre).

A 47.5% reduction in energy correlates 1:1 with the size of the workload’s carbon footprint. To see the scale of the issue, consider recent research on the total power required today to run AI workloads, which gives a current estimate of 29.3 terawatt-hours – the same as the entire power consumption of Ireland, or around 1.6m equivalent H100 GPUs.

Were that based in Singapore – where the direct consumption of power emits on average 417g of CO2 for every kWh of energy – this would generate 12.47mt (mega-tons) of CO2 per annum. Using common benchmarks, that’s the equivalent of over 2.7m passenger vehicles driving for a year, 635,000 US households, or the carbon-absorbing power of 577 million trees. That’s a lot of pollution.

Now, imagine this was all powered by SMC: that figure goes down to 6.3mt.

Reduction in energy
mega-tons of CO2 per annum
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